Bike Repair and Service

Bikes Plus prides itself in providing the best service in the Memphis Area. We expertly service all brands. Our mechanics will coax that noisy bicycle into better behavior and help you keep riding when it matters most. We welcome walk-in service and will take care of your bicycle as soon as possible. If we can’t get to it right away, we will provide you with a scheduled window. Cost estimates are provided and you will be phoned if any additional work or parts are required. We will phone, text and/or email you notification that your service is completed.

To schedule service or discuss in more detail our packages and the many other “a la carte” services we can provide. Just give our Service Department a call at either location: Memphis- 901.385.8788 or Germantown- 901.755.7233

Essential - $85.00

Just getting that bike out of storage, or simply need your bike checked over, this is the perfect package for your bike

  • Adjust shifters, derailleurs, brakes, headset, and bearing assemblies
  • True wheels, minor disk rotor truing
  • Tighten crank arms, and torque all bolts to spec
  • Lube chain & pivot points
  • Frame and fork wipe-down
  • Air tires and test ride

Annual Plus - $140.00

Getting in those long rides, all kinds of weather conditions, time to give your bike the professional care it requires

Includes Essential package plus;

  • Full drive-train cleaning & lubrication of derailleurs, chain, pulleys, and pedals
  • Detailed cleaning of frame and wheels, inspection of frame for damage or fatigue
  • Complementary bottle of chain lubricant included

NOTE:  All service levels come with a 30-day guarantee for work done.  Unless included in the Service Package, additional service parts may be required.  Any additional charges will not be incurred without prior notification and approval by customer.

Comprehensive - $300.00

High mileage, winter riding, etc. means drivetrain and shifting sluggishness and wear and road residue build up. Regardless of the manufacturer or type, our certified mechanic can bring your bike back to factory performance

Includes Annual Plus package plus;

  • Full strip-down of frame, drive train, degrease, & rebuild
  • Includes new stainless steel cables and housings
  • When applicable, hydraulic brakes are bled
  • Electronic shifting (DI2, Campi EPS, eTap) checked/updated as necessary
  • Bottom bracket, headset, hubs, & serviceable free hubs are serviced
  • Full tensioning of wheels & tire sealant topped-off if necessary (Stans not included)
  • If applicable, frame anti-rust treatment is applied
  • Full inspection of frame for damage, fatigue and alignment
  • Complementary bottle of chain lubricant included

Comprehensive Elite Road & Comprehensive Elite Mountain bike package - $500

These packages contain all the elements of the Comprehensive Service but have been designed to be more focused on the individual customer’s specific bike needs and cater to these needs. This is a one-on-one consultation with a bike technician. Even more reason to call/email our Service Technicians.

This package will also include products such as new tires, bar tape, etc., dependent on your needs.

Bike Fit Packages and Pricing

A proper bike fit is essential for optimal performance, efficiency, injury prevention, overall comfort on the bike, and will provide a rider with the most economic means of expending energy. A proper bike fit will prevent pain that is common to the knee, hip, and lower back, particularly with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to the bike they have purchased elsewhere. From professional athletes to competitive age-groupers to recreational riders to commuters, every cyclist will benefit from a proper bike fit.

When arriving for you appointment, you should bring and/or wear the following items: All clothing normally worn for a ride such as padded cycling shorts, bike shoes and pedals, and of course, your bike.

To Schedule a Fit call 901-385-8788 (Bartlett / Memphis) or 901-755-7233 (Germantown)

Assessment / Measurement - $25.00

Free with new bicycle purchase

  • 4 critical body measurements are taken
  • Determines bike size based on body makeup

Bike Trainer Fit - $50.00

1 hour time block

Free with new Bicycle purchase

  • Rider Measurements are applied to bike
  • Saddle Height Adjustment
  • Saddle Fore/Aft Adjustment
  • Stem Length
  • Handlebar Height

Comprehensive Fit - $125.00

Approximately 1 1/2-hour time block required

  • Bike Fit Analysis is conducted with rider on bike/trainer system
  • Assessment of rider’s past, current and future physiological factors, along with their cycling goals and fitness level
  • Arm reach, hip angle, and knee angle are measured and adjusted
  • Biomechanic and alignment technology are then used to fine tune; seat height and angle, fore and aft position, handlebar width and drop, stem length and rise

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